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- Brezplačna dostava do Slovenija (Spreminjanje za GBR, USA, ITA, HUN, CZE, SRB, BIH, AUT, DEU)
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9789616929196 - Stepancic, Damijan; Pucihar, Bla: Here we go (Audio content) - Knjiga

Stepancic, Damijan; Pucihar, Bla (?):

Here we go (Audio content) (?)

Dostava iz: Združene države AmerikeNovo knjigoeBook, e-knjige, digitalne knjige

9789616929196 (?) ali 9616929194

, neznani jezik, Primento Digital Publishing, Nove, ebook
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Music, Here We Go Round Slovenia A Journey of Song takes the reader on a trip around Slovenia, presenting some of this beautiful subalpine country's cultural and folk heritage. The eighteen songs arranged by Bla Pucihar, a prominent Slovene composer and pianist, embody the language and stories of the people as they used to be sung. Not only do they talk of how the people once lived, but also provide a wonderful feel of the geography of the land with his carefully selected vocal and instrumental ensemble for each composition. The illustrations by Damijan Stepani further add to the special feel through which the reader can get a sense of Slovenia and its people. An introduction to each song has been prepared by Duica Kunaver providing various interesting facts about life in the times of the past. Come and discover the musical world of Slovenia with this wonderfully illustrated songbook! This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. Books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. EXTRACT Where are those paths Where are those paths that used to be ? Now lush with shrubs and grasses green. I'll chop the shrubs, and reap the grass, I'll make the paths as used to be. ABOUT THE PUBLISHER Okai is a Slovenian publisher with a vibrant programme. At every turn, nature reveals its new face and discloses a myriad of secrets. This is why we have devoted a special place to it in our publishing house. We are the creators of books that delight curious children and their parents in their discoveries of nature: in the home garden and the nearby park, but also further afield, in the fields and forests. At Okai we keep pace with the times which is why have embarked upon several electronic editions of our books. We have added sound to these publications and hence a new dimension to the contents already there.
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ISBN (alternativno notacije): 961-6929-19-4, 978-961-6929-19-6


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